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Forex Trading or Binary Trading options: What’s better?

@Brucepowell This forum is not for binary options spam. please don't post make-pretend questions here.

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Discussions on option strategies designed to produce income. Covered calls, selling puts and more advanced options income strategies. Learn options trading with a community of fellow traders.
Selling puts on Sketchers

Big insider buying in SKX today:

Insider buying is often seen as a bullish signal for a stock. After all, no one should have more information on where a company is headed than the CEO. Greenberg scooped up 500,000 shares, or nearly $11 million worth of stock, no small bet on the casual footwear company. He paid an average price of $21.96, and the stock surged to more than $26 on today's news.

Separately, Skechers was upgraded to a buy by Buckingham Research, which gave the stock a price target of $31.

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Juicy Short Puts Opportunities post Elections

Closed my credit spread @ $0.05 realizing close to max profit. Surprised by how easy it was filled considering puts were far OTM. My guess is the other side wanted out.

RGR credit spread

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Portfolio protection is crucial to building wealth in the Market. And options are the best method to protect your investments. Learn how to use options to fortify your nest egg against Market downturns, Black Swan events. Defensive options strategies designed to hedge risk.
Sizable hedge in QQQ

The expiration date is a bit peculiar. Sort of tied to the end of Q1 2017. So quarterly mentality, that is typical for fund managers, I guess. QQQ closed at 116.6 today so this is a 10% out of the money hedge.

QQQ large put option purchase - A hedge for sure

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Hedge funds top short positions

Wow DLR was a darling. Did not know it is a heavily shorted stock.

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Some traders believe that volatility is the most important factor in option pricing. Discuss all things volatility here. Agree, disagree, debate and learn options valuation, volatility and pricing.
USO Trading OPEC Meeting

OPEC came through with a meaningful output cut, even though the details are fudgy. Consequently oil prices ripped higher. I closed the trade today @ $0.97 realizing a $0.37 loss per share.

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Volatility Description for Options

@Maggy A simplest vol trade is to be aware of implied volatilities when you trade any options. You do not need to trade VIX options to be a volatility trader is what I am saying. For example, any calendar spread or a butterfly spread is sensitive to volatility. hence you must enter when vol is on your side. Just my 2c.

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Reviews and questions on option tools, software and options brokers.
Trading simple get profit plus Rebate

Trading is so simple just open and get profit and Rebate up to 90% with piprebates
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Discussions on trading in commodities options, index options and options on futures. Discover new opportunities for profits.
Nat Gas production started a decline

@nobo The chart in the initial post seems broken. NatGas looks strong today. I am looking at FCG

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Hedge Funds are getting Long Oil

Weekly update on Oil positioning

WTI Oil Hedge Funds pos Sept 6

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CBOE Introduces Weekly Wednesday SPY Options

This past Tuesday, August 30th, the CBOE began trading SPY options that expire on Wednesdays. They are “p.m.” options, meaning that they settle at the end of the day on their expiration date. These fall under the general category of “weekly options,” which means they will be listed on a Tuesday, and there will be up to 5 expirations in effect at any one time. Otherwise, they are the same as any other SPY option. The CBOE has said that there was a demand for these Wednesday listings. When I first heard that there was going to be a Wednesday expiration, I thought it was to align a SPY expiration with a $VIX expiration. I thought perhaps there was a need for hedges on SPY and $VIX (such as the ones we often use) to expire at the same time. However, $VIX options expire on Wednesday, with an “a.m.” settlement. So the “p.m.” settlement on the Wednesday SPY options belies my theory. So, I can’t really figure out why there was demand for these Wednesday listings. Regardless, they exist, and they are already trading heavily. Just be careful now when you pull up your SPY option montage that you are indeed trading the option you intended to, as far as the expiration date is concerned.

printed courtesy L. McMillan

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CBOE Launches Monday-Expiring Weekly Options

SPX Monday-Expiring Weeklys Options to Launch on August 15
CBOE plans to list S&P 500® Index (SPX) Monday-expiring WeeklysSM options, beginning August 15, pending regulatory approval. With the expected introduction of SPX "Monday Weeklys," CBOE will offer SPX Weeklys options (SPXW) with Monday, Wednesday and Friday expirations. CBOE presently offers End-of-Month SPX options which feature expiration dates that fall on the last business day of the month.

SPX Weeklys options are one of CBOE's fastest-growing products. SPX Wednesday-expiring weekly options had record average daily volume of more than 114,000 contracts last month.

Contracts with weekly expirations allow investors to:

• Implement more targeted buying, selling, spreading or hedging strategies

• Trade around breaking news or known economic events
CBOE pioneered short-term options trading in 2005 by introducing the first weekly expiring options contract.

For more information on SPX Weeklys options, please visit

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More From Backstage WallStreet - Mutual Funds

Still Institutional investors are better informed then crowd. Recent example is the last job report - institutional were buying one day before the job report while the crowd was selling


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Reading Backstage Wall Street

By Josh Brown and enjoying it very much. Posting some pearls here:

When you realize that you are riding a dead horse,
the best strategy is to dismount.
—Sioux Indian proverb

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